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Commitment To Diversity And The Community

Humble Homes Development, LLC commitment to the communities that we service is very strong.  We believe that the foundation of our communities is our senior population.  Our seniors have worked hard for decades to support and build up our communities.  They have nurtured their careers, paid taxes, and raised their children, “our future generation” to adulthood.

Unfortunately, as our population ages, many of our seniors have been challenged by the rapidly rising cost of living.  Quite frankly, our active seniors do not want to live with their children, and they deserve our appreciation and respect.  Humble Homes Development, LLC can help soften their burden through our affordable homes’ programs.

Similarly, our veterans have many of the same needs. Humble Homes equally appreciates the hard work and sacrifice that our veterans have made. Over the past several decades we have been in-theatre somewhere in the world fighting enemies, supporting our allies, and fighting to protect freedom.

Our veterans have unique skills that can be instrumental to maintaining our standard of life.  Many of veterans return to civilian life yearning to assimilate into a regimen that includes supporting their families and continuing to work.  Many times, these veterans are challenged to maintain the lifestyle that they deserve, and housing is generally their largest expense.  This is another way where Humble Homes Development, LLC can help. 

A Sense Of Community

None of us live on an island and as a result, we all need a sense of “community”. Community is where we work, where we play, where we worship, where we exist.  To create a sense of community in our developments, Humble Homes Development, LLC will work closely with several local community resources such as our community outreach agencies, our senior citizen resource networks, our faith partners, VFW halls and our veteran affairs organizations.  This will help to ensure that our residents remain connected and supported by their community. 


We Are Committed To Diversity!

We believe that a commitment to diversity is more about what you consistently do as opposed to what you say.  To that end, Humble Homes Development, LLC is committed to making a difference in every community that we serve.  From our contractors to our architect and our developers.  We want to reach out to local talent from a diverse workforce and give them the opportunity to shine and we can’t think of a better way to support our local talent from within our communities.

Construction Diversity Photo.jpg

Veterans Well Being And Support

Many of our veterans come back with debilitating injuries.  This not only affects the veteran, but it also adversely can affect the entire family.  Humble Homes Development, LLC supports our veterans thru our cause but also thru our generosity.  We are proud supporters of the “Tunnel to Tower” foundation.  To learn more about this phenomenal foundation, click on the picture below:

Veteran Family
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