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About Us.

Humble Homes Development LLC is a wholly owned minority owned enterprise.  We built our business based upon the fact that there is a need for attractive affordable homes throughout all demographic areas of our society however, as our populations grows older and we continue to navigate several military conflicts and are “in theater” in many places across the globe, we find that there is a significant need for safe, secure, and affordable homes for our military and our +55 active senior population.

Humble Homes Development, LLC will fill that need.  We are an integrity-based organization that will differentiate ourselves through our commitment to exceptional Customer Service.  We call our tenants residents and constantly stive to deliver white glove service.  This will help us minimize churn by maximizing retention.

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Meet our Founder

My name is Kenneth E. Carter. I created Humble Homes Development, LLC because there is a huge need for affordable, safe, and efficient homes for both our veterans and our 55+ active senior population.

My background started on the south side of Chicago where I was blessed to have a strong foundation of parent who understood the importance of faith, family, friends, and service to the community.  My father, a US Air Force veteran unfortunately passed away very early in my youth and my strong God-fearing mother worked two jobs to support her two boys.  Challenged by raising two boys by herself in the sixties, my mom discovered the *Milton Hershey School and as orphans enrolled both myself and my brother into the school and also picked herself up and moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania to support us during our formative years. 

Throughout the next nearly 40 years, I was blessed to be able to build a successful career in management and sales where I was able to manage multimillion dollar big box stores with large staffs and revenues exceeding millions of dollars.

After my retail career ended, I transitioned into education management, completed my bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing and my MBA in Entrepreneurship.  My most noteworthy accomplishment throughout my career was my ability to mentor and develop some incredible people who have been able to create phenomenal careers. The most important thing that we do in this life is to help people.

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How We Started

It all started with "our" house zero

Our first home is the home that we call “house zero” This home is a 868 square foot 2 bedroom/1 bath ranch home with a full basement.  We are happy to report that this residence is now home to a military/senior couple, and we thank them for their service. 

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